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Insurance can protect you and your business from financial losses. El Triunfo Corporation provides a wide range of insurance services to serve your needs. Our service offerings include:

  • Workers' compensation insurance
  • Business owners policy (BOP)
  • Commercial umbrella liability policy
  • Business automotive
  • Bond
  • General liability
  • Health & benefits
  • Medical insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Short-term disability insurance
  • Long-term disability insurance

Liability Insurance

This type of insurance will protect your business and yourself from any potential lawsuit or claim. Coverages will help with any financial expenses incurred while fighting the lawsuit or claim in court. This type of insurance is called General Liability insurance, other similar types include professional liability insurance and product liability insurance.

Professional Liability Insurance

This will protect you from performance mistakes or errors that result in negligence claims, this is more specific for services industries.

Product Liability Insurance

This insurance offers protection for business manufacturers in the event of a faulty product getting to a consumer, which results in them suing for damages. This type of coverage can be made to fit your industry.

Property Insurance

Property insurance provides coverage for your building and equipment in the event of a fire, theft, or natural disaster. Be wary that some providers may not include major disasters, such as earthquakes, tornados, or floods and you may have to opt for a separate policy to cover those events. This type of coverage should be able to help cover the cost of repair or replacement. For businesses operating out of your home, keep in mind that your home owner’s policy likely does not cover the business you operate. You should be looking for insurance like property insurance to cover that portion.

Business Interruption Insurance

This insurance will cover the losses in income you may incur while your business recovers from a fire, flood, or natural disaster. This type of coverage is usually not offered as stand-alone insurance but included as a part of your Property Insurance Policy.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

This coverage is offered to the employees to compensate them in the event of injury or disability that occurs when the employee is working. This type of coverage usually only covers injuries resulting from employment only and say in the event an employee is injured while driving to work. This coverage is a must for any business that employs, even as places as safe as offices.

Vehicle Insurance

Otherwise known as a Business Automobile Policy, this kind of policy will provide coverage for cars, vans, trucks, etc. that are owned by the company. In the event of damages to the vehicle, coverage should include the repair or replacement of the vehicle. Depending on the type of policy this can also include vehicles that are leased by the company, owned by a third party, or owned by your employees who are using their vehicle for the business, like deliveries.